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Your Yoga Practice will enable you to focus your mind and become calm and centred/grounded. Any nervous tension or stress will disappear. You will be able to channel and unblock your life force (PRANA), resulting in increased energy! THIS WILL ENABLE YOU TO LIVE A HEALTHIER AND MORE FULFILLING LIFE! I GUARANTEE IT.


Also, Yoga improves the efficiency of all Bodily Functions: from the assimilation of nutrients from your food, (therefore aiding digestion  and eliminating all toxins trapped in the muscles, such as lactic acid) to increased and improved Lung Function, Thereby strengthening your RESPIRATERY system. Your IMMUNITY to disease is improved as well.


Yoga helps improve your Physical Posture ,through doing the postures (ASANAS), your Breathing (PRANAYAMA) and of course your ATTITUDE ie MINDSET.  You will become more Self Aware Spiritually, Physically and Mentally. You will develop a PMA  (POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE)  Your body and mind will become stronger. You will be able to keep your emotions more under control. Physically ,you will achieve a more flexible and strong body for your Soul/Self ( ATMAN) ) to live in, in effect your house, your “OWN ABODE” for this life time. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?

Well... We all have to start somewhere, my dear student! Remember:




With time, dedication, perseverance and work, (yes, you need to put in the effort!) IT’S DOWN TO YOU. Then, you  can achieve a SUPPLE, STRONG BODY AND SHARP MIND.

My answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY YES... HOWEVER,


Are you prepared to take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for your health and weight. Sorry but... THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!


If you are prepared to put in the necessary work ie do 20 to 30 minutes of yoga every single day no matter what... attend WEEKLY YOGA CLASS, eat CLEAN (ie not processed junk food) and drink plenty of water… THEN: You will certainly lose weight.


Yoga helps to control your appetite, regulates and brings down your cholesterol level and INCREASES YOUR METABOLISM .ie the at rate which your body burns calories.

For sure it will.


You will develop and grow as a human being. You will cultivate: AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.


You will start to appreciate all the good things in your life. You will develop resilience. strength, a "can do attitude." You will take your life less seriously, but enjoy it more, and not "SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!" Whatever life gives you, THE GOOD AND THE BAD,  YOU  CAN AND WILL HANDLE IT. You will become more compassionate, empathetic,  joyful, kinder, Laugh more, worry less,  more grateful, become lighter, and basically an all round BETTER VERSION OF YOU!

“There is no insight for one who has not practised YOGA.
There is no, peace for the one who does not concentrate (read focus) and from where does pleasure come for the one WHO HAS NO PEACE?”

The Gita: Discourse 2 v 66

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti x (peace to you) Kat x


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