Terms & Conditions

Arjuna Yoga and Massage Terms and Conditions
  1. If a Client/Yoga Student, arrives up to and including more than 10 minutes late for a Treatment or Yoga Class, I reserve the right to refuse Treatment or Entry into Class.
  2. Regarding Massage Treatments: Clients are required to keep their underwear on at all times.
  3. If a Client appears to be either INTOXICATED or UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS, I reserve the right to refuse to perform the Massage Treatment or teach them Yoga and I will require them to leave.
  4. It is THE CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to inform me,,Kat, of any Health or Medication changes , which may affect their Treatment or Class participation. I have the right to refuse Treatment or Class Participation based on these changes.
  5. If a Client becomes pregnant , she must inform me, Kat, as soon as she is aware.
  6. Payment should be made before the Massage Treatment , Yoga Class , Workshop or Retreat and should be made either by cash, cheque or transfer.
  7. ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR (either physical or verbal) towards me ,Kat, or my Clients/Students, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. I reserve the right to ask the Client/Student to leave.

*These T and C’s are to ensure the safety of both Client and Therapist/Yoga Teacher.*

I thank you for your support and understanding and hope you enjoy your Treatment and/or Class!


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